Picking a Fondue Set for Great Entertaining!

fodue set

Having the proper Fondue Set can make your party or family get together a whole lot more enjoyable.

Do you have fun when you entertain or do you sometimes feel yourself getting stressed and exhausted? If stress is getting in the way of your fun, perhaps it is time that you try a new way of entertaining.

One relaxing way that many people like to entertain is throwing a fondue party. Not only does the slow pace make for a laid back evening, but also a memorable one.  Since all of the ingredients can be prepped a day ahead of time, you are free to enjoy your friends and family. Plus, it is a lot of fun parring cheeses, vegetables and meats with different sauces. Enjoy some great wine and top off the evening with chocolate fondue and you have created a casual but elegant evening.

To make your evening go smoothly, you will need to invest in a fondue set that is well suited to the menu you have in mind.    Are you planing a elegant, simple evening with chocolate, strawberries and champagne or is a three course meal what you have in mind?  A simple pot that is heated by just a tea light can work great if you are just serving chocolate fondue.  This will mean that you need to actually cook the chocolate over the stove, but it is a great option if you are on a budget.

You will need a more substantial pot if you plan on serving meat fondue or your favorite cheese fondue recipes. The two main options for heating are sterno or electricity.  If you need to be able to serve away from an electrical outlet, a sterno set is the way to go.  Otherwise, an electric fondue set is your best option because it gives you control over the heat.

An electric pot is the way to go if you do not want to have to worry about the broth not heating up enough to cook the meat or having to stir the cheese constantly to keep the bottom from burning.


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