Tips for house maintenance for the cold months

House maintenance during the cold months take preparation and dedication.  This article will discuss some ideas for you to consider for those long cold months of the year.

window insulation kits and furnace filters

Is your home prepared for winter?

Your house’s furnace is important item on your checklist. Also, on your checklist is to check on your supply of furnace filters.  Having several back-up filters in place is also important.  You may need some help depending on your furnace unit.

In many cases, you can easily arrange for a professional to come into your home and give you assistance. This idea is very useful if you have a old home with an old furnace.

Windows should be next on your checklist.  It’s true that older windows can be more drafty in the cold months.  You certainly do not want that cold air entering in your warm house and your hot air leaving.  One solution is to check on the caulking on the windows.

The caulking, most often, will start to degrade over a period of time and this will leave gaps where cold air can enter.  Spending time to recaulk each window should be on your list. Also, check out window insulation kits.  The kits are easy to use and are inexpensive.

Snow removal supplies are on the checklist. You will check your need for new snow shovels or more rock salt and ice melt.  You may even want the best snow blowers.  It’s true that the local stores get out of stock fast on key items when it snows.  Therefore, it’s a smart idea to go and get your stuff early when the stores are stocked.

Clean out your gutters. This item should be on your checklist as if you allow leaves and debris to gather in your gutters, it could cause damage when the water collects and turns into ice.  The ice expands and could cause damage to your gutters and your home.

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