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cold sores on lips

Cold sores on the lips are not curable, however there are many effective remedies that one can acquire over the counter and use at home.

Remedies and medications are available for those with recurring fever blisters or cold sores on lips. This condition typically affects a person’s upper or lower lip and can be very painful, as well as unattractive.

No known cure exists for this condition, however, there are prescription or over the counter treatments that work to diminish the pain and size of such cold sores. It is wise to endeavor to understand what causes this condition before attempting to treat it.

Two types of cold sores exist and both are herpes viruses. Herpes simplex one typically refers to cold sores that manifest on the lips, while herpes simplex two refers to this type of breakout on the genitalia.

Many people assume that the infection is from recent contact with an infected individual, however, cold sores can be dormant for long periods of time and then suddenly become active.  As previously mentioned, cold sore are not curable, however, there are many effective treatments that one can acquire over the counter and use at home.

The objective of over the counter cold medications for lip cold sores is to relieve the itching, burning, and pain that they cause. Some remedies, such as a 3 day detox, prevent the further development of the cold sore while others aid in its healing.

One should try to obtain remedies that contain docosanol, since this is an ingredient that can inhibit the herpes virus from becoming active in the first place. Certain products that are made for lip cold sores have numbing agents, but do little to promote healing.

These are considered medications for relief rather than for prevention or healing. Some ingredients that promote healing are tannic acid, phenol, lysine, and zinc.  While as of yet, no cure for herpes simplex one is available, there are treatments that will promote healing and prohibit the growth of these troublesome cold sores.

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