3 Simple Guidelines For Buying Storm Doors

Modern storm doors have come a long way and today they are built from high quality materials. The cheap doors that keep banging shut at the worst possible moment, or were constantly falling off their hinges, have been replaced by sturdy and attractive doors.

storm door picture

Storm doors can add style, security, and class to your home’s front or back entryway.

The high gauge aluminum, plastic compounds or vinyl that are used to create the doors, can enhance the functionality and look of the home.

When choosing the door, you should consider the material, price, style, size and handling.

1. Your budget

It is important to work within your budget and fortunately, you have many options to choose from.

You can find a door that is within your budget. You need to remember, however, that a good quality door will be more costly than a low quality one.

Vinyl doors are often cheaper than aluminum ones, but you will get better quality with aluminum.

You can visit several retailers to find out the products that they have. You need to gather as much information as you can before shopping for the doors.

The Internet is a good place to carry out a search and you can get discounts from different manufacturers.

2. Materials

The doors are made from different materials including wood, metal, vinyl and other combinations or components. You need to consider the benefits when choosing the best materials.

Some materials like vinyl are inexpensive and require low maintenance.  A storm door can add an extra level of security – especially if you have a full glass entryway door.

Others like aluminum provide more strength and durability, and they are more visually appealing. You should think about the material that is most ideal in your location. Some materials do not perform well in some extreme weather conditions, and the doors can wear out within a very short time.

3. Style

The doors come in different styles and you should choose the style that complements your home and your existing entry door. You should also consider the size, and how the door opens or handles.

The main styles available include:

Ventilating doors that have a screen and glass as part of the door. The glass can be opened or moved up leaving the screen, to allow ventilation into the home.

Full-view doors that have a full length glass panel that allows maximum natural light into the home. The screen is removed or attached as the need arises. They allow maximum visibility and are perfect where you want to enjoy your outdoor view from the interior of the home.

Roll screen doors are the latest models and they are basically a combination of the ventilation and the full screen doors. Their versatility makes them perfect especially in a home with small children or pets.

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