Frameless Glass Shower Doors Cleaning Tips

frameless glass shower door cleaners

Shower Door and Bathroom Cleansers

Frameless glass shower doors are so easy to clean in contrast to curtains and sliding doors that they’re often chosen over the latter options for no other reason.

One of the nice things about frameless doors is that they can remain in place while they’re being cleaned, while sliding doors and shower curtains should be removed to get the best results.

There’s also none of the awkwardness of having to stretch curtains to scrub them without slack; they’re solid surfaces that are easily scrubbed.

With nothing more than a bucket of hot water, a household sponge and a cleaning agent in the form of a cream cleanser or vinegar, you’re ready to start cleaning.

What Kind Of Cleanser Is Best?

Cleanser is more effective than vinegar for more extensive cleaning. For instance, if you would like to clean whole walk in shower enclosures, and not just the glass door you’ll get better results with cleanser.

Use cream-based cleansers to avoid the risk of etching the glass which can be a real problem if you use a powder-based cleanser. While using cleanser, use a scrub sponge—i.e. a household sponge with a textured side designed for scrubbing.

Soak the sponge in hot water, and dampen the glass surface with the soft side of the sponge. Place some cleanser on the textured side, and scrub the surface. Rinse the cleanser out of the sponge, then rinse the cleanser off the glass with the wet sponge, then dry with paper towels. Paper towels tend to dry glass faster than cloth towels.

Using Vinegar To Clean Glass

For cleaning nothing more than frameless shower doors you can use a mixture of half vinegar, half water poured into a spray bottle.

Dampen a household sponge (not necessarily a scrub sponge), and use it to dampen the glass. Spray on the vinegar mixture and let it sit for a full minute allowing any dirt particles or soap scum to absorb. Dip the sponge in water again and wipe off the vinegar from the glass. Dry the glass with paper towels, and you’re done.

If you need to clean black mold from the shower you will want to use a stronger bleach based product.  For other problems that can develop like dealing with mildew in the bathroom there are other more specific cleaners that you can use.

Frameless glass shower doors are often the number one choice for those who are designing a new bathroom or wet room.  They incorporate well into most any bath or shower plan, and as mentioned above they are one of the easiest parts of a shower unit to clean.

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