4 Types Of Housing Tiles To Die For

Tiles are common in many households today, predominantly for surfaces that are exposed to water on a constant basis.

Floor tile image via Flickr

However, things have changed, with tiles being uses to cover walls and floors. Many builders are leaving the old fashioned, classy wood floors and are embracing the more modern and stylish tiles.

There are varieties of tiles used for building purposes while others are used to add aesthetic value to the buildings being constructed. Starting from the most valuable, the following are the most beautiful tiles to use in your house:

1. Marble

Marble tiles are known for their smooth surfaces and beautiful colors. They are easy to maintain due to their high resistance to staining and scratching. Cleaning them only involves wiping and occasional polishing.

The use of marble tiles increases the property value of building s it also reduces chances of mold due to its impervious nature. They are easy to install and long lasting. They are cut and prepared using expensive means and hence their high market price.

2. Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are classified under the wider class of ceramic tiles and are the oldest types of tiles to be used for construction. Even with their fragile nature, once installed, they are almost unbreakable unless a heavy force is placed on them. They are beautiful and come in a range of colors that make it easy to choose your favorite. They have been traditionally cut to small sizes for bathrooms and water sinks but are now used for floor and kitchen surfaces.

3. Quarry

Quarry tiles are mostly used for the outdoors and other open areas. This is because of their hardy nature and resistance to all kinds of wear and tear. Though they eventually wear out, their lifespan is impressive and longer than any other tile. Their installation is quite hard and requires a lot of work force, they also consume a lot of cement during installation making them costly to install considering the price of cement.

4. Natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are famous for their beautiful finishes, flooring, paving and cladding walls. They are used both indoors and outdoors. Though they are for aesthetic value mostly, they can be used to provide a strong flooring material. They can be produced for high-end needs or any other need. They are easy to maintain, as they are impervious, they are resistant to scratches and stains. Like marble, their major downside is that they are slippery and can cause accidents.

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