Hottest Celebrity Beauty Secrets in Hairstyles

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Celebrities are trending towards pixie haircuts to go along with their airbrush makeup and eyelash dye.

If you are a seasoned celebrity watcher, you may have noticed that more and more big stars are trading in their long locks for short, pixie cuts.

This is one of the few celebrity beauty secrets that can be worn well by almost everyone who is bold enough to take the extreme step of chopping off all the hair that they worked so long to grow.

Of course, shorter cuts will make your face the center of attention, so make sure you have a good foundation or airbrush makeup to make your skin looking glowing and flawless before you embark on one of these short hairstyles.

If you are looking for a fast way to update your look, consider trying one of these popular Hollywood haircuts.

Those who are not prepared to lose a few inches from their heads can consider getting bangs. Bangs have been enjoying a moment of popularity for a few years, and more and more young starlets are sporting this look. Whether you wear your longs long and swept to the side or short and shaggy, you will be in good celebrity company.

The pixie cut is also being seen everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. This extremely short style is not for the faint of heart. Many find it to be slimming and easy to style, as those who wear it have only a few inches of hair with which to contend.

However, the amount of time that it can take to grow back, especially for those without a bank account that will allow them to get expensive extensions, makes many women shy away from this new look.

Another trend in short hair that is popping up on many actresses is the new bob. Unlike the classic bob, this haircut is asymmetrical and chic. It is typically worn quite straight, without the body and bounce that those who were around for the first incarnation of the bob will remember.

Hair colors are ranging toward the more natural in general, though areas of blues, purples, and pinks are not uncommon among rock stars. In general though, more subdued tones with subtle highlights, and matching lashes and eyebrows through lash dye, are a popular addition to the free makeup a lot of them receive from sponsors.

For women who are looking for something new stylish hairstyles, following the Hollywood trend for short haircuts is a great way to get a flattering look that will get a lot of attention.

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