The Pink Disney Netpal: A Great Laptop For A Little Girl

pink disney netpal laptop

Developed by both Disney and ASUS, the Disney Netpal was designed specifically for kids.

The Disney Netpal pink laptop is great for a little girl, and is a must-have for the new school year. It allows a child from the e-generation to have a safe digital environment to play, learn and have fun in.

Developed by both Disney and ASUS, the Disney Netpal was designed specifically for kids. Child-friendly displays instruct the child on step-by-step methods to operate the laptop.

Another fantastic feature is the spill-proof keyboard, which is very helpful in the event of liquid spillage.

Parents will be grateful for this feature as spills are expected to happen when children play with electronic products. The Netpal is also very light, and it makes it easy for the child to carry around.

What is most attractive to a kid about this laptop computer is its interactive Disney theme.  There is a range of a girls real pink disney laptop themes you can create on the Netpal, such as Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and other Disney princesses.

The pink Disney Netpal is particularly useful for early childhood education as parents can control what can be done on the laptop, especially on the internet. Parents can censor their children from sites that they deem a negative or dangerous influence, and also monitor communication through email on the laptop.

This is a very useful feature given the rampant occurrence of web crime these days. It would certainly help for parents to be able to see who their child communicates with online, and to know what their child is doing. The Disney Netpal provides for this through 24 different parental controls.

Brand new Disney Netpal pink laptops will set you back about $400 dollars.  Well… that is one hundred dollars less than a $500 laptop!  A used one purchased online such as through e-bay may cost you half that price.  This is an attractive and affordable option for many parents looking for a gadget to start their little girl on.

Getting a used version is probably the best if you are not sure whether the Netpal will hold your child’s interest. Once your daughter develops a knack for using her Netpal, you can then think about purchasing a brand new one or even upgrading to a more sophisticated laptop with an expensive laptop bag.

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