Are You Confused About Hot Tubs?

You may see lots of advertisements for hot tubs, Jacuzzi hot tubs, spas or spa pools and this may spark a little confusion as you wonder what the difference is between all of these? In fact, this may be the only reason you haven’t bought one yet.

Hot Tub image via Flickr

The simple answer is not a lot of difference at all. In fact, the terms are relatively interchangeable and they all basically mean a tub that has the ability to stream jets of water out of holes in the side of the tub when activated.

Although, the traditional hot tubs didn’t have this facility, as they were originally designed just to circulate warm water around the tub, but since they have been modernized they also include jets.

A hot tub is generally the first generation of these kinds of products and this will usually refer mainly to the older types of tubs that have wooden seating, although they are not always used to describe them as more modern hot tubs are made of a robust acrylic material.

What’s A Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is a manufacturer’s name (I’m sure you’ve heard of them!), but they are still used as a term for a spa or hot tub. Spa pools are a general name given to hot tubs that allows your mind to interpret it as a healthy option as you associate it with the kinds of services you can find at a spa salon.

Hot Tubs Can Provide Health Benefits

Hot tubs or spas (whatever you want to call them) are very popular and they give great health benefits. Many people that suffer with circulation problems or joint and arthritic problems find them incredibly beneficial as the warm water that is propelled around them help to ease the pain.

Part of this may also be the relaxation that is felt, as pain is always worse when we are uptight or tense. Being more relaxed allows a person to tolerate a pain much easier, even if it is the same level of pain, that is the difference two states of mind can give.

In fact, those who have an intense job and feel stressed for a large part of the day can relax very quickly in a spa pool. This is because the muscles are forced to relax with the stream of water being propelled at them, this sends a message to the brain and Serotonin is released into the body, causing relaxation in mid and body.

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