The Many Benefits Of Hot Tubs

image of a plug and play hot tub

Many hot tubs are made to be "plug and play". This means that you can have one delivered to your home, fill it with water, and plug it in. In a few hours you can be relaxing in a warm (or hot) hydrotherapy bath.

After a long day at work and other strenuous activities during the day, nothing feels better than to pamper yourself at night and soak in a hot tub before heading off to bed.

Aside from it being a relaxing way to end the day, hot tubs also have health benefits physically and emotionally as well.

Warm water therapy provides a great experience through the use of three elements which consist of heat, buoyancy, and massage.

A lot of people find comfort in hot water which goes deeper than just relaxation and pleasure. It can actually soothe muscle pains, headaches and even aide to a better sleep.

A Hot Bath Helps You Sleep

It has been proven that soaking in hot tubs have been proven to help people suffering from insomnia.

Studies have shown that soaking in hot water at least 15 minutes before bedtime helps a person to fall into a deeper sleep without having to use pills that help induce sleep.

This is because a drop in the body temperature brought by warm water in hot tubs stimulates our body to release endorphins that reduce stress, therefore aiding the transition to a deeper and better sleep.

Hot Tubs for Arthritis and Diabetes

Hot tubs do not just help in diminishing insomnia but they also help in controlling some illnesses as well. For instance, people who suffer from arthritis are recommended to undergo hydrotherapy which uses warm, soothing water to relieve the pain. It is believed that the buoyancy of the water also helps a lot in making hot tubs an ideal environment for relieving the pain brought by arthritis.

There was also a study which proved that hot tubs can also be used to bring positive effects to diabetic patients. According to the study, diabetic patients who soaked themselves in hot tubs at least half an hour per day, have been found to have their average blood sugar level to drop by 13%. Of course, with the drop in their blood sugar level, these diabetic patients also found themselves to have a better sense of well being and improved sleep.

But nevertheless, even if we do not suffer any illnesses, we cannot deny the fact that soaking in warm water naturally brings a sense of relaxation and loosening of muscles and joints. It is therapeutic and provides other beneficial effects to the body. If you have been used to bathing in cold water, then you should definitely try the soothing effect of a hot tub. Your body deserves it after all.

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