The Various Technologies in New Balance Running Shoes

new balance 1225 womens running shoe

Is this the best in running shoe technology?

There are a lot of shoe manufacturers who highly advertise their newest technological innovations in their many ads. New Balance running shoes come with the latest technologies from this American manufacturer but they are more subtle with their advertisements. Their innovations are just as many and as high-quality as those of other brands, if not more. Here are a couple of them.


N-ergy is one of the technologies that most New Balance running shoes have. This is the highly-advanced cushioning system and shock absorbent feature that is found in the 2009 line. This technology makes use of materials without empty air pockets on the inside. This is what prevents rapid deterioration compared to other running shoe brands that use cushioning compounds. The N-ergy feature is found on the heel part of New Balance running shoes. It allows them to be additionally responsive which provides a smoother transition going into the lift.

NB Zip

NB Zip is the cushioning technology in New Balance running shoes that make them more responsive compared to others. This is located on the rear part of the shoe’s outer sole. It uses a complex strut system with plastic that does various functions based on how the foot falls. The NB Zip has zones which provide pronation support and impact protection as the heel strikes and the toe is lifted.


N-Fuse comes in two layers that provide coverage for the whole foot. The midsoles are considered dual density, meaning that the inner foam gives softer cushioning while the outer foam provides the support and structure. This is good for beating pronation.

Abzorb DTS

This is the Abzorb Dynamic Transition System found in many New Balance running shoes. It uses three layers of materials on the sole of the shoe. There is the outer Abzorb foam, the mid-sole foam, and the middle Abzorb SPS. These are what make New Balance running shoes provide better cushioning and transition. It can be found, for example, in the New Balance 1225 womens running shoe. It gives the shoes a softer landing and a firmer release as the heel is striking. This technology is one of the leading ones that make people purchase NB shoes.


Rollbar is the newest technology for New Balance running shoes. It has a composite strut located in the sole’s heel assembly. This can move from the lateral to the medial side of the shoe. It is placed at an angle coming from the shoe’s lower lateral part to its upper inner part. It is the answer to both underpronation and overpronation.

These are among the many innovations that you get to enjoy if you decide to purchase New Balance running shoes. They are the reasons why NB is one of the best discount activewear shoe brands available today.


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