Xbox Kinect Games People Want To See

xbox kinect games

Incredible Technology Is Here Now with the Xbox Kinect

Motion control gaming is going to new heights this Christmas season. Microsoft is coming out with Kinect for the Xbox 360, and Playstation is coming out with Move for the Playstation 3.

While Move is a lot like the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft went in a whole new direction with Kinect. 

Kinect is a camera that allows you to play video games without any controllers at all.

You simply move your body and that translates into movements in the video games.

This new technology will definitely unleash an all new type of gaming experience, but one big complaint about Kinect is that all of the games shown so far are not that exciting to see, at least for hardcore gamers.

There are a lot of  Xbox Kinect games that people would like to see, but no company has really come out with any yet in those genres.  The first is a fighting game.  There are definitely a lot of possibilities for this. 

There is actually a UFC game coming out, that will allow you to train like a fighter, then actually do some fighting. There are other types of games that are possible as well.  Mortal Kombat type games, where you’re fighting another character would be awesome.

Being able to duck, dodge, and throw punches in a boxing game like the Fight Night franchise would be awesome as well.  Lastly, being able to learn a traditional martial art by going through a series of virtual training exercises that can give you feedback would be very kinect

The other type of game that people want to see is a first person shooter game like the Call of Duty franchise as well as Halo. Unfortunately, I don’t think this type of game will work without controllers.

One is that you have to move to certain areas, and unless you plan on running in place to accomplish that, I don’t see it happening.  This type of game would have to be a Kinect/controller hybrid game, which would still be cool, but it wouldn’t be Kinect-only.


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