The Benefits of Lift Chairs

lift chair covered by medicare

Lift chairs for elderly folks make life a whole lot easier. In some cases much of the cost can be covered by Medicare. Check with your doctor regarding the reimbursement options.

Lift chairs for elderly folks or those with a disability are a welcome relief for many people.

Getting old is an irreversible process; we can’t help but go there, and there’s no going back.

The upside of growing old is becoming wiser and looking at immortality through children and grandchildren. The downside of it is the physical pain one feels as the tissues in the body experience the wear and tear brought about by age and diet.

The most common among these physical pains is osteoarthritis, usually in the knees, which makes it difficult to stand from a sitting position, and to sit from a standing position.

Fortunately, medical equipment engineers have invented Lift chairs for elderly persons.

Lift chairs look just like any foamed upholstered chair, but have a motorized mechanism that tilts slowly but safely, as you push buttons, so that you can sit or stand without having moved a muscle.  There are other types of lift chairs too, such as disabled bathtub chairs.

Before buying a lift chair, however, it pays to know a little about it, and to anticipate the specifics that will be asked from the user so that the lift chair will really suit him/her.

Here is a short Lift chair guide:

– Lift chairs are of 3 types – the 2-positioned which reclines up to a 45 degree angle, the 3-position which can be adjusted to any angle, and the infinite position which allows for sleeping in the zero-gravity position.

– Foam covers come in different fabrics like leather, faux leather, vinyl or other synthetic material.

– One can attach accessories like heat or massage, or even food trays or extra pockets.

– Height of user is a factor to be considered in the lift chair that fits you.

– There are lightweight and heavy-duty lift chairs, depending on the user’s weight.

– Consider also the seat depth and width of the lift chair for a snug sitting fit.

– The controls can be transferred to the right or left side, so there’s no problem if one is left-handed.

– One has the option to choose single or dual motors in the lift chair.

There are many different options for these sorts of lifting chairs.  You can buy a complete la-z-boy type chair with a custom fitted lift, or you can buy just the lifting mechanism for a chair that you already have in many cases.

Lift chairs, just like shower seats for elderly folks have nearly unlimited options, but the basic reason for having them remain the same, which is to help those with certain types of disabilities live a more productive and independent life.

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