Rhinoplasty in Men

Plastic surgery has women as their regular clients; however, men are also catching up with the craze over the different cosmetic procedures available.

For men, rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery that is most sought after.  As it is the focal point of the face, many men believes that changing their nose can really help make a drastic change with how they look.

This is the main reason for males getting the procedure especially if their nose is bulbous or there is a very noticeable bump on the nasal bridge.It will help balance the features of the face and then improve its contours.

But it is also said that the reason why rhinoplasty is the most common surgical procedure for men is that they are also the ones who tend to break it more often due to accidents. Extreme sports such as biking, rock climbing, football, hockey, and other sports cause a lot of nose injuries in men

However, seeking rhinoplasty does not always have aesthetic purposes for men. Sometimes the procedure is sought for medical reasons and to improve one’s health.

Men are the ones who are often suffering from chronic snoring and sleep apnea and one of the reasons for this is a deviated septum. Through rhinoplasty, the septum can be realigned and the patient will no longer suffer from such conditions.

It can also help to correct facial birth defects in men. Sometimes the nose may not have fully developed or it could have been damaged as a result of cleft palate or cleft lip. Rhinoplasty often includes having implants placed so missing parts of  the nose may be made and it can be reconstructed to a normal appearance.

Male patients as young as sixteen (16) can have the procedure. It is years earlier for female patients, since they are allowed to have the procedure because they tend to mature physically earlier than males. Operating on men too early may only pose problems as their noses are still developing.

Have yourself checked by a certified surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty in men. This is because a man’s nose characteristics may differ that from woman such as in the aspect of nasal skin and cartilages. It will help ensure that the male appearance will not be lost; instead it will just be improved after the surgery like liposuction recovery.

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