Wet Rooms Design Ideas

If you have the space to do it or if you are building a new house, wet rooms are a fantastic way to not only improve the overall value of your home, but also make your time in the bathroom more enjoyable as well as getting in and out of the shower a whole lot easier.

wet rooms

Wet rooms can be designed for most any need. One of the most sought after designs include walk in shower enclosures.A good wet room design naturally has features that make for excellent handicapped bathrooms too. The main thing being lots of space.

Many incorporate ready made handicap shower stalls into the design while some of the more common themes use an all tile floor and all of them pretty much include some sort of walk in shower enclosures.

These sort of walk in shower designs are perfect for those dealing with handicap issues and those that use frameless shower doors wide enough for a wheelchair to easily glide in and out make taking a bath a whole lot more enjoyable.

This sort of design is excellent for those who have difficulty dealing with bathtub lifts or trying to squeeze through a bi-fold shower door or a sliding door that is only 32″ wide.

With the population as a whole getting older, wet rooms are becoming more and more common and lots of people are taking the time to retrofit an existing bathroom into a new and modern design.

handicapped shower

A wet room can include all of the necessary equipment that a handicapped shower needs, such as shower grab bars, a folding shower seat or bath chair, and what you end up with is a pretty classy disabled shower cubicle.

Many are just planning ahead with the idea that their aging parents may be moving in with them someday and may need disabled bath facilities, or some at least some kind of handicapped shower enclosures,while others just want the luxury of having extra space for a growing family.

A lot of people feel that they don’t have the space in their existing bath to pull off a project of this magnitude, but with careful consideration and planning it is possible to make at least a small wet room out of an existing space.

If all that you do is install tile floors and walls along with a walk in shower enclosure you pretty much have pulled it off.

Most folks really do not need to have a four hundred square foot bathroom, although if one has the space and money to do it it’s well worth it especially if you are able to include a steam shower or a sauna.

If one has the talent as well as the time a properly planned project like this can really make a difference in a home’s value and if done properly you will have a low maintenance room in your house that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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