Benefits Of Saucony Ride 2 Running Shoes

Saucony Ride 2 Running Shoes

Saucony Ride 2 Running Shoes

Taking your running to the next level, where you are getting involved in competitive races, or challenging yourself finally to run that marathon, can also mean stepping up to a higher quality of equipment. Your most important equipment as a long distance runner is going to be your running shoes. Always make sure that you know what sort of gait you run with, so that you can buy the correct shoes and therefore avoid any unnecessary injuries. The three main types are neutral, overpronating, and supinating, and any reputable running supplies store will be able to help you determine what kind of runner you are.

For a well-known and highly praised pair of neutral running shoes, choose the Saucony Ride 2. These are designed specifically for the biomechanically neutral runner, and have plenty of cushioning to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. In fact, the amount of cushioning also means that supinators can wear them and gain some benefits, and often you will find any particular pair of shoes is good for a range of gaits. Inside the shoe, there is no real technology to help the overpronating runner however, and with no arch support to speak of, the Ride 2 running shoes are not ideal, although if you have orthotic inserts, they can be used, to offer you the chance to experience the benefits of these Saucony shoes.

The Ride 2 shoes are flexible and very lightweight, even though they have a lot of cushioning; this is why so many runners like them, and also why some non-neutral runners still prefer to wear them. They have a lot of technology packed into them to provide you with superior comfort and high performance on the road. Some of these features are the ProGrid and Respon-Tek systems which provide all the cushioning, along with the Impulse EVA midsoles which also help to absorb shocks on long runs. It is little wonder that these shoes are so popular among runners, both because of the their shock absorbing ability, but also because of the stylish uppers which are made from mesh to allow your feet to remain cool, and the moisture wicking, anti-microbial sock liners to keep you fresh even during the longest of runs.

One particular plus point has been commented on numerous times by female runners, which is that the women’s Saucony Ride 2 running shoes have a slightly wider fit than most other brands, which is a relief for many girls who do have wider feet, and have trouble squeezing into some of the other shoes on the market. The vast majority of reviews on the Internet are very positive about these shoes, especially the reviews by female runners.

The only real concern that has been noticed by some male runners is with the rubber sole. It is a minor concern, but some feel that it is stiffer and less flexible than the sole on the previous Ride running shoes, which can make them feel a little “cloppy”. The important point is that there is more shock absorbing technology in the second edition which makes Ride 2 far better from the perspective of avoiding injury. For the asking price, these shoes offer a lot of benefits which you would otherwise be paying a lot more money for in other brands.

You can frequently find cheap Saucony Ride 2 shoes on sites like Amazon, but don’t forget that even though they are offered at a discount price, you’ll still have to pay delivery. The combined cost might be higher than from the local store, so do your homework first.


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