Why is It Important That You Choose the Right Pair of New Balance 991 Shoes for Running?

Running shoes are your first requirement if you plan to take up running exercises. You could not use any shoes for running. It is essential that you find the right pair of shoes.

Running without the proper shoes is really uncomfortable and may cause injury to your feet, joints and back. While running, the knees, joints and feet are subjected to an impact 3 to 4 times greater than while walking normally. Proper shoes are necessary to absorb the impact and to reduce the shock. Otherwise you will end up with injuries to your knee and joints.

People while running keep the feet flat on the ground or roll inward or outward. Running shoes are designed to keep the feet flat and prevent it from rolling Keeping the feet flat is the neutral position, rolling inward is pronate and rolling outward is suppenate.

Most of the people are either neutral or they pronate. Neutral doesn’t need any correction but pronation needs correction. Pronation causes the entire lower-leg to twist when the foot rolls in, causing Runner’s Knee. Shoes are provided with special inserts to reduce the rolling in of feet. So your shoes should be designed to prevent pronate correction if needed.

While running, the toes will press against the front and sides of the shoes. After running long distances the feet normally swells and the shoes get snug around your feet. This may result in black toe. So your running shoes should be half to one size larger than the normal shoes. The shoes may be light weight too.

New Balance 991 shoes are ideal for running. New Balance 991 running shoes are specially designed for maximum heel and toe cushioning, and are extremely lightweight and versatile. New Balance 991 could be purchased from stores or bought online. Although New Balance 991 is a bit expensive than its counterparts, it is more durable.

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