Best Juicer for a Beginner – Breville BJE200XL

best juicer for a beginner

The Breville BJE200XL Juicer is an excellent juicer for a beginner.

Best juicer for beginners

I love to make my own fruit and vegetable drinks. They are easy to make, they taste great and the give my body a chance to get hydrated by a vitamin and nutrient packed liquid.

I have been juicing for well over ten years. During this time I have used a variety of different appliances.

There are actually quite a few different styles of juicers. For example, there are centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, twin gear juicers and citrus juicers.

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Each of these machines has its own particular strengths and weaknesses.

In this article I shall go on to talk about the best juicer for a beginner.

How do you choose which juicing appliance is right for you?

To be honest, when I started out juicing, I used a centrifugal appliance. This is the most common choice when people get into making their own health drinks.

The reason for this is because you can get these units for fairly low prices and they are also very easy to use. This means that it is simple to get into the habit of making a daily vitamin packed health drink.

Many people are not aware of the many benefits of making their own fresh juice, but there are few things as healthy as an all natural vegetable juice made with your own vegetable juicer.

The reason that centrifugal juicers are so popular to start out your juicing journey with is that they are probably the easiest appliances to operate. This because they do not have many parts. Assembly is pretty easy.

If you go for the Breville BJE200XL you will be getting a machine that has some quality Breville design but at a very reasonable price.

You can get it at a good price with free shipping if you shop on Amazon.  This unit has a low number of parts. This means that putting it together is very easy. Also taking it apart is just as simple too.

What I like about Breville juicer machines is that the whole range has their big entry chute. The BJE200XL has this too.

This means that adding your fruit and vegetables is so easy. Often you will not even need to cut anything up before hand.

For additional information on making your own juices follow this link for a great article on juicing recipes or visit the Mad Progress Food & Drink section for a plethora of other related articles.


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