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Are Squinkies destined to be the hottest toy of 2010?

The Squinkies toys are coming and they may well be one of the most popular toys this year. Already there has been quite a lot of interest in them and you can bet that they are going to be even more popular as the year progresses. In fact there is little that really competes in terms of value for money and just what is currently available.  Allow me to explain.

The squinkies bubble packs are sets of the soft squinkies that actually contain 16 of the cute little toys for toddlers each in their own little ball that they can be taken out of. There really is no other toy that actually gives so many play opportunities for such a low price. And with them being so cute already the kids that have had them love them and do not seem to want to stop playing with them.

The little balls have hinged lids so that they can be played with in the little balls or taken out for even more adventure and fun.

You will find that there are 96 of them in total so far in 6 different sets and this is set to rise even more in October so there is going to be a lot of competition to see who can have the most or who has the best collection. Apart form the toys themselves there are various Squinkie extras available as well such as houses and rings that they can be set in to and also a Gumball machine.

All of this leads to one thing, they are going to be very collectible and just like the silly bandz they are going to be swapped a lot as the children decide which ones they like the most and which ones they may want to collect. But they are a great toy for a great low price and hours of fun for the kids too.

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