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Ready for a new mattress?

It’s not very often that any of us buy a new mattress, so it is good to have some shopping advice when out looking at all of the new bedding options.  In fact statistics say we will buy on average six in total throughout our adult lives.

Given that figure, it’s not surprising that the average person has very little knowledge or experience when it comes time to choose a new Simmons Mattress or any other brand.

Lack of understanding about the different types of mattresses that are available, and confusion over what the different brands have to offer are just two of the reasons consumers feel uneasy shopping for mattresses. There is however a few simple tips that can help put things into perspective:

Good Support

Always be certain to choose mattresses that will support the contours of your body. Everyone’s spine is naturally slightly curved when we lie down, so it’s essential that the mattress supports it if you are to avoid waking each morning with back ache.

Hard Mattress or Soft?

Getting this right will make a huge difference to how comfortably you sleep. If you sleep on a hard mattress now and it has been comfortable for you over the years, then replace it with a mattress of similar firmness. Don’t let the salesperson persuade you that a softer mattress might be better for you, they have no idea how your body would cope with a softer mattress!

Which Brand?

There are many leading mattress brands all fighting for your business, but choosing which one will be best can be a time-consuming chore. There are many websites that publish cheap mattress reviews and these can be extremely helpful in making your decision.

Test that Bad Boy

Always take a mattress for a test drive before committing to buy. You should look to spend at least 15 minutes on each mattress that catches your eye, so that you really get a feel for how the mattress will perform when you get it home. If you do not sleep alone, take your partner to the store with you to test it out, a mattress will behave differently with two people on board rather than just one.


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