Creating Black Decorations for the Holidays

Black decorations can be an unusual way to get a custom look for the holidays. This can still give you a very warm feeling in your home, but it also is going to work very well with modern kinds of designs like a black chandelierYou can also work this in with all different kinds of price points and it will match black wallpaper.

Depending on how daring you’re feeling, that’s really going to determine whether black is an accent color or whether it should be your main color. For instance if you really wanted to get a contemporary look you could go with a black artificial Christmas tree with crystal ornaments. If you just wanted something really bold then you could try black ornaments.

Pair them with silver for more of an elegant kind of look. If you really want more of a country kind of feeling then you just want to use this color on smaller accent pieces. Even something very simple such as charcoal drawings of classic Christmas scenes gives a holiday touch you can hang on the walls.

You can make almost any color work for any holiday. For instance for Easter time you could just experiment with a lot of different white and black toile. This is going to get an elegant look and you could even cover the traditional Easter eggs with paper or create springlike topiaries with decoupage or wool fabric.  This is going to give a French look to your home and you can even use some of these items through out the space.

You really should be careful with this design just because you don’t want it to seem like a funeral. It’s important to use very classic silhouettes like a wreath so people know exactly what you’re going for. This could include something like a basic holiday wreath with berries. You could just paint a grape wreath in black and then twist the black ribbon and berries around it. Then top it off with an elegant gold or burgundy to really complete the look.

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