Purple and Black Room Ideas

black sofas

Mix things up a bit with a black sofa.

Purple and black room ideas including desks and sofas are a great chance to get a very feminine look that isn’t too over the top. It doesn’t have to be frilly and it can even work for either gender. In fact, you can even add this into your main living space.

The key to this design style is really going to be your fabric choices. Flocked fabric really uses a kind of an embossed velvet on top of a satin like material. The perfect color for this is going to be lavender as well as black which can tie your entire room together.

The really great thing about this is that usually this brings in a lot of different pewter and silver colors and the black isn’t too glaring. This makes sure the purple isn’t too glaring which makes it perfect for a more sophisticated space such as the master bedroom. You can also bring this color palette in with a  black desk and black sofas.

You can also really find ways to bridge the gap between these two colors. This could be bringing in a neutral such as a taupe or a gray. This is really going to lighten things up. In fact, you can even go with a lighter color such as lavender and then pair it with dramatic black furniture.  This is one of the favorite things for purple and black bedrooms.

This can even work in a shabby chic kind of theme. Oftentimes a shabby chic bedroom is pink and white so you can just use the traditional items like chairs and area rugs in a new color palette to get a unique take on this kind of space for a purple and black room.

The other area where this color palette is really going to shine is in a teenagers bedroom. In this case you want to go with a much more saturated purple. It can almost have a neon kind of effect to it.  Then you can decorate with a lot of rock ‘n roll posters.

You can even just paint the walls purple and then use wall stickers because oftentimes these come in basic black silhouettes for a fun and funky effect that you can change out whenever you want.

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