CPAP Machine or Breathing Strips When You Travel?

Undergoing CPAP therapy greatly restricts your travel lifestyle. You need to use the machine every time you go to sleep. You can’t sleep well in a position that can conflict with the equipment used in CPAP therapy like the hose or the face mask. Your CPAP machine is so noisy, that on a plane you have to hope that breathing strips will suffice.

There are many models and brands of CPAP machines which can be good for traveling. It doesn’t matter which model it is, as long as it can provide your needs and you are satisfied with its performance, you can get any travel CPAP machine you want.

When you are traveling with a CPAP machine, you should be careful with your machine because no matter how durable it is, it can always be damaged by different forces. Place your CPAP machine in the area of your bag which is not prone to the firsthand effects of forces, like the bottom part. Be careful in handling your luggage and prevent your CPAP machine from falling or bumping with other objects.

You also need to maintain the cleanliness of your CPAP machine in order to observe hygiene. Your interface like the face mask or nasal pillows need constant cleaning every after use. It would be better to have wet wipes especially made for CPAP masks which are available in CPAP retail stores or online. If you will be out of town for a long while, bring your regular disinfectants and cleaning materials along with you so you will always be able to keep you CPAP machine system clean and germ-free.

It isn’t difficult to live with sleep apnea if you know how to manage yourself and your activities. If you want to travel, there’s no problem with that, as long as you still maintain your therapy sessions and keep your CPAP machine system in good condition. Even if you have sleep apnea, you can still live a normal and happy life that you very much deserve.

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