Futon Beds and Mattresses

futon bed

A futon doubles as both a couch and a bed.

It is true that comfort should always be considered as a very important criterion when choosing mattresses or beds.

However, another important factor to be taken into consideration would be floor space as to the reason that it would not matter how comfortable a mattress is if it’s not going to fit inside a bedroom.

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This is why a lot of beds that are specifically designed to maximize floor space inside a bedroom are now being sold in numerous furniture shops and online stores nowadays.  One of these beds would be the futon bed.

The futon bed is considered as an amazing floor space saver because it is designed with an axle at the middle, which enables it to be configured into a couch, sofa, or love seat during the day.

This means that the floor space that it takes up during night time can be used for other things during the day when it is folded to function as a couch.

Furthermore, because it can be transformed into a couch, it offers two functions with only a single purchase. This makes it even more advantageous to use.  You may also want to look into the newer futon bunk beds.

Futon Mattress

You can find futon mattresses that are made to be placed on the floor.

Futon Mattresses

One of the most popular types of futon mattresses available today would be the wool futon mattress.

As its name implies, the wool futon mattress is made from wool.  Because of this, wool futon mattresses are often advised to be used during cooler climates because of the insulating abilities of the materials used to make them.

Wool futon mattresses are not totally made from wool as to the reason that they also need foam so that they can retain their forms. Wool futon mattresses can easily be kept in pristine condition through the use of futon mattress covers.

Another type is the foam and polyester kind of  futon mattresses.

It is said that this kind has a longer life span because of the materials used on it.

This kind is good because polyester provides a really firm support, and works great as a floor futon mattress.

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