Army Camouflage and Army Camo Bedding

Traditionally, when anyone mentions camouflage bedding we think of men and the Army, or boys and the Scouts.  To be sure, many of us think of camping out.  The camo pattern is about as recognizable as a pattern can be with the green, khaki and tan splotches of colors.

camouflage bedding

Camo is not just for the guys anymore!

For years, army camouflage bedding was only found in an army barracks, on a camping trip, or as the bedding in a mountain cabin.

Needless to say, when any of us thought about camouflage we thought of something masculine for rough and tough teens or men.  No one ever considered using camouflage and feminine in the same sentence.

It is time to open our minds.  Camouflage bedding now comes in a variety of color combinations.

Additionally, we can now find comforters, sheets, pillow cases, in the camo design for every bedroom and every age range, from baby bedding to the daybed, from teens’ rooms to adult bedrooms, and from rustic cabins to upscale homes. 

No longer are we left with only olive drab and khaki.  Today, modern army camo bedding designs have added color to the pattern.

While much of the pattern is still done in traditional colors, it is worth noting that for infants, in particular, colors have been expanded to the blue shades for boys or the pinks for the little girls.  Yes!  There is pink camouflage bedding for girls!

Beginning with the infant and the nursery, there are beautifully feminine pink and khaki combinations that will please the mother-to-be while acknowledging dad’s interests in the pattern.  With so many young parents in the military service today, it was wise for designers and manufacturers to incorporate the familiar army bedding pattern with a variety of color schemes.

Older children also have the option of selecting pink camo or blue camo, but it is most noteworthy in baby bedding.  In the more traditional colors, the design is used primarily as a trim around a baby comforter or as the pattern for baby bumpers.  In shades of blue or pink, the splotches can be found on the center panel of the baby’s comforter.

Whether the parents are expecting a boy or a girl, mothers can follow the traditional gender colors while allowing dad to select a pattern with which he is familiar.

Older kids who often have a daybed in the bedroom may select a camo pattern.  Again, the color combinations are quite varied.  It is only when we begin selecting the bedroom decor for adults that we revert mainly to the green and khaki combo.

For those parents-to-be, younger kids, teens and adults, there is a camouflage pattern that will suit one’s color selections.

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