Synthetic Horse Saddle

In riding, equestrians constantly face a variety of equipment offerings and enhancements to existing items. Synthetic tack is an area that has penetrated the tack market and netted both positive feedback and a loyal following. A synthetic horse saddle is a popular alternative to costly leather counterparts.

For anyone in the market for a new saddle, a synthetic saddle offers ease of care coupled with lower purchase and upkeep costs along with unique features.

Equestrians have welcomed synthetic tack into their equipment stashes given its relative ease of care and low maintenance costs. Unlike leather, which requires daily cleaning and frequent conditioning, synthetic tack merely requires a hose down to return to its pre-ride state of cleanliness. Additionally, given their lightweight features, the saddles are an excellent option for lesson programs where children may need to carry their own tack.

The cost of owning a synthetic saddle is significantly less than a comparable leather saddle. The materials used to make the saddle, and assembly line production of the product tends to be more cost effective than the hand created nature of a leather saddle. In return, riders find lower purchase costs.

Synthetic tack offers riders a host of unique features compared to traditional leather offerings. Users will find the equipment to be both waterproof and weather resistant, which is a welcome attribute in the unpredictable world of riding and horse showing. Many models feature adjustable tree fits, which affords riders the ability to use the saddle on a wide range of horses.

With the enhancement of existing models and expansion of synthetic tack lines to cover a wide variety of disciplines, equestrians have come to embrace the importance and value of synthetic tack in their daily routine. Offering a host of benefits including lower purchase costs, flexible fit options and low maintenance costs, riders are increasingly considering synthetic saddles among their leather counterparts when a new saddle purchase is in order. Find out more about Albion saddle or Stubben saddles.

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