Types of tailbone seat cushions

tailbone and coccyx seat cushion

A coccyx or tailbone seat cushion can really take the strain off your lower back area when you are sitting for long periods of time

What do you plan to carry on your long weekend drives?  Food and beverages, of course!  Is there anything else would you carry meant for your physical comfort?   Experts recommend carrying a type of cushion called ‘coccyx’ cushion or ‘tailbone’ cushion.

While driving or sitting for long hours, you apply continuous pressure to the coccyx or tailbone region of your spinal cord and that can give rise to a kind of pain called coccydynia.

If you look for the portability, coccyx cushions come in many forms and one such is the inflatable type. That gives you the ease of carrying it and you just inflate it only when you need to use the cushion.

Many people who are regular users of these coccyx cushions usually keep one in their office chair and one at their car seats. It is advisable not to go for harder or softer cushions but the in between range.

Basically the coccyx seat cushions will have a circular hole like a doughnut or ‘U’ shaped cut out section (sometimes square shaped or wedge shaped cut sections) so that the coccyx region will not touch the chair or seat.

When you sit on it, it acts as load bearing support structure for the coccyx region, easing the pressure on it.

The first thing you need to do before going for a best coccyx cushion is to consult an orthopedic specialist to conform that it is something similar to coccydynia and that it does not need immediate surgical treatments.

Because some type of chronic pain in the coccyx region may need a surgery or radiation treatment sometimes local injections may be given by the orthopedic expert for immediate relief.

The cushions made of the memory foam definitely are the best ones and they definitely should be bought for good relief.  Memory foam mattresses have become very popular in the last decade and it makes sense that this material would work well for coccyx pain relief as well.  And speaking of mattresses, check out the good post regarding how to make your own bed runners.

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