The Best Types Of Safe Water Bottles

safe water bottle review

Are all water bottles safe to drink from?

Approximately ¾ of the human body is made up of water.  We are able to do our day to day activities because it sustains all the vital processes in our body. As our physical activity increases, we also need to increase our water intake in order for us to replenish what has been lost. Water is important but where we put it is also essential.

The safety of using plastic bottles as well as reusing them has been a cause for constant debate. Generally, reusing bottles made of plastic material need not be a hazardous practice. You can stay healthy and be environmentally friendly all at the same time by minding their recycling numbers. This can be found at the bottom of the container, enclosed in arrows. If you see the numbers 2, 4, 5, these are safe for repeated use. Bottles with the number 1 are best if used only once while those with numbers 3, 6, 7 are known to have Bisphenol-A as a component. Bisphenol-A or BPA is a harmful substance known to leak from the bottle and into the water. Some of its known adverse effects are cancer and infertility.

Aluminum water bottles are equally known in the market.  Bottles made of aluminum are basically more solid than plastic and are therefore more durable. Together with reports on it leaching BPA and aluminum, some studies have shown that the along with an increased amount of aluminum in the body, the risk for acquiring Alzheimer’s disease also rises.

According to the website, Safe Water Bottle Review, stainless steel bottles are the top choice for most individuals for various reasons. First, it is durable. Second, it is lightweight. Third, it can be recycled. And its most important characteristic so far is that it is chemical free.

To stay updated is highly recommended when it comes to matters such as these. After all, we have heard of many so-called “established” facts that are later on invalidated.

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