Create Your Own Bed Runner Set

These are some of the things that you will need to create your own bed runner set.

A set will usually have two Boudoir pillows; these are little rectangle-shaped pillows that come in contrasting colors which still work with the theme.

There is also the bed runner which is a strip of the fabric that has beautiful and elaborate designs.

This can be from 18” to 24” in width. You also get a complementary fabric border band that is usually 24” to 30” longer compared to the mattress width. This means that you have up to 15” left over to hang on the sides of the bed.


bed runner set

Since the bed runner set is hanging on both sides of the mattress, you need to make sure that it has a good fall or else it would not look as good. There are some instances when you make your own bed runner set that it can be sewed in a different way.

If you have a twin bed, you can arrange the runner length-wise beginning from bellow the Boudoir pillow up to the foot of the mattress.

This makes it look very fresh and new. If you don’t already have a mattress, they’re available often very cheaply if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Quilted Bed Runners

When making a bed runner set it can be quilted or you can keep it plain with some complementary backing fabric. Look at the fall of the fabric to determine what to do with this. These runners are the modern-day counterpart of the bedspreads before that used to have such heavy wool quilts.

When you are wondering how to make a bed runner and you wish to create your own bed runner set, here are some tips to remember.

How To Figure The Size

If you are working on a single bed, you can determine the size this way. The runner length is equal to the width of the bed plus the drop from the top of the mattress to the floor.

The width of the runner is about 18” to 24”. If working on a double bed, you find out the size the same way. For cushions, a size of either 9”x16” or 12”x20” will do.

For those that have twin beds, a cushion for each bed is needed. If you have a king, queen, or double bed, you need two cushions for each one. The single bed can also have one cushion or a couple of differently-sized ones.

You can finish off the edges using some complementary or contrasting bands of fabrics. You can also use tassels to top off the edges with. By the way, these go great with a twin memory foam mattress and feel comfortable, too!

Feminine Bed Runners

If you wish to have a bed runner set that looks feminine, try using pure silk or taffeta silk. You can also use a chiffon frill or a cotton one that is quilted. For those who wish to go for that masculine feel, you can opt for faux leather or suede.

For a unique bed runner set, try working with linear designs. These are straight lines that run the entire length of the headboard to the foot board.  If you are good at sewing you’ll find that it really is easy to make your own bed runners and once you are happy with the results you may start thinking of ways on how to make a bed runner quilt.

Bed runners are just one of the ways on how to make a bed look great and are often used in little girl dream rooms.


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