The Importance of Conducting a Marketing Research Proposal

Especially with ample preparation, sufficient background, and thorough implementation of the process, writing a realistically wonderful marketing research proposal is not really difficult.

Concurrently, just like any other proposal, it has to be written in a compact, understandable, and firm way. Meaning, the entire paper needs to be structured cleanly and neatly.

Additionally, the language used must be persuasive and clear. More so, all of the details in it should fit together in a manner that seems to be effortless.

As a good example, the aforementioned proposal can be about a specific customer loyalty research involving a hamburger’s new formula versus the existing one, of a certain fast-food chain.

In undergoing the process, there will be questionnaires that pinpoint customers’ personal opinions about the hamburger’s new taste, and also their perceptions regarding the comparison between the two tastes. The whole survey will be done at random, which means that there must be no choosing who to interview.

This research’s purpose is to check whether or not the new formula, which is actually cost-effective, will have a warm acceptance or not.

Anybody outside of the company can easily comment that nobody can do anything anymore if the said company decides to change the taste of the well-loved hamburger. Yes, this is true, but the problem is, what if the loyal customers will not like the new taste?

In this connection, the company will eventually lose its steady flow of patrons, leading to low sales. Hence, in this scenario, the cost-effective new formula will have been useless.

Lastly, undergoing a thorough initial rough study as well as a review of related literature truly are vital compositions of an effective marketing research proposal. It is indeed important to have a draft first, and once finalized, there should be comparisons among related proposals prior to the implementation. Then, in the end, the researcher will be aware of a well-done job when the final findings will jibe with the actual outcome.

For instance, in the above-mentioned example, if the proposal’s conclusion and recommendation will state that the new hamburger formula is feasible, and this will be evident through the customer satisfaction and steady sales of the hamburger’s new taste, then the overall proposal will have been a success.

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