Decorate Your Cupcakes with Cupcake Wrappers

cupcake wrappers

Spice up those cupcakes with special Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers are elegant little decorative cups that are used to add a beautiful touch to your cupcake display.  Many styles and themes are available, from stars to Halloween to Christmas to lace patterns. The cups are made of paper and are meant for one-time use.  The cupcake is not actually baked in these cups—you bake the cupcakes in a normal wrapper and then just place them into these adorable cups for a more elegant presentation.

There are cupcake wrappers that are appropriate for childrens birthday parties, and there are fancier wrappers that would be appropriate for a wedding or formal event.  You can find many, many options by doing a simple google search for the term cupcake wrappers, or you might want to look at the various options available on Amazon.  Whether you go with a red wrapper that says “Merry Christmas” or with a black spider-web wrapper  that complements your Halloween cupcakes, your guests are sure to appreciate the extra effort you put into creating an excellent display.

Another option if you are not looking for a one-time use item is to look into investing in reusable silicone cupcake cups.  These items also come in many sizes and colors and shapes, and you cook the actual cupcake directly in the silicone cup and then display it.  These are not quite as elaborately decorated as the cupcake wrappers described earlier, but they have the added advantage of being reused again and again.  Common shapes include holiday themes like pumpkins, stars or poinsettia flowers, gingerbread men, and hearts. Don’t be shy… you aren’t thinking about weight loss here.  This is about having fun!

They are also available with little animal shapes for a kids birthday party, and they are also available with a plain cupcake cup design, similar to the common paper cups that are used on most cupcakes.  One further advantage offered by these silicone cups is that they release better than the paper version, and your guests are sure to appreciate being to eat every single bite of the delicious cupcakes you’ve prepared!  Combined with a cute cupcake stand, any of these options is bound to impress.

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