Different Types of Bathtubs

small bathtub

There is a wide variety of sizes of bathtubs available, from small to big.

Once we determine that we need to install a bathtub, we have to know the type of bathtubs that are available so that we would know what is ideal for us.

There are so many things that we need to consider, and our top priority should be to thin about who will be using the bathtub the most. Are we installing the bathtub in our own bathroom or are we installing it in someone’s room?

Is this going to be for someone that needs a handicap bath?

Determining the users would be critical because you have to get a bathtub that is ideal for them.

If you have a physically impaired member of the family and you need to install a bathtub specifically for them, and in this case you probably want to install a walk in bathtub.

Soaking in a hot tub is known to help soothe tired muscles and this would improve blood circulation that is why it is advisable for them. This will definitely be a good therapy and would really help them relax their tired and aching muscles. This is ideal for older family members as well.

When you are challenged with space, installing a small bathtub is definitely advisable. Most bathtubs measure 60 inches long, but the smaller ones range from 40-45 inches depending on the type of bathtub.

These bathtubs are more famous in Japan, but have become popular all over the world because they allow you to have more floor space. The whirlpool type has whirling waters that can help increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension.  The older claw foot bathtubs remain popular too.

The corner bathtubs are advisable for those with smaller bathrooms. It is connected directly to the corner which would allow you to maximize the space that you have. This type of bathtub was basically designed to cater the ones who want to have a bathtub even if they have limited bathroom space.

Corner shower stall units are great for those with limited floor space too.  The only thing about having a shower unit instead of a tub is that you don’t have the ability to soak your tired and aching muscles in the way that you can with a tub unit.

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