Choosing a Corner Shower Unit

corner shower unit

A corner shower unit makes an excellent handicapped shower stall.

Most bathrooms are no longer the tiny utilitarian spaces of the past.  A lot of folks are now planning wet rooms for their bathroom spaces. These are often open areas loaded with amenities.

Since traditional bathrooms usually have tubs that consume a lot of space and make the room feel congested, one option for making the room feel bigger is adding corner shower stall units, or in other words a walk in shower unit.

Not only can it fit into almost any bath without wasting space, but it can also fit into a larger bathroom that only has a tub.

Since they are an excellent way to provide a handicapped shower for the elderly or handicapped to access, they are especially practical for homeowners and add value to the property.

Bathroom corner showers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including square, round, rectangular, and triangular. Styles range from inexpensive basic models to high-end versions with elaborate components and fancy features.

steam shower units

You can even get a steam shower unit for the corner of your bath or wet room.

The main elements, however, include a shower door, a base, and an enclosure.  The base is usually constructed of one of four materials: acrylic, fiberglass, stone resin, or cultured stone.

Both acrylic and fiberglass bases come in an especially wide variety of colors to complement the decor of any room.

Cultured stone is favored for its beauty and durability, and stone resin has a similar feel and look.  Both are expensive, but popular, choices.

Shower doors are typically glass or acrylic and are shaped to match the enclosure, providing a perfect fit. 

Frameless glass shower doors are a popular choice. Enclosures consist of clear, tinted, or frosted glass. For privacy, frosted or tinted is preferable.

Since corner showers come in such a wide array of shapes, sizes, and models, there is one for every bathroom. First of all, however, the unit must fit into the existing bath or the remodeled space.

For the lucky homeowner doing a complete makeover, there are unlimited options suitable for every taste and decor. The fact that these units are easily cleaned and maintained is an added bonus.


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