Rings for Men

mens rings

Some men like to go all out with their rings.

Ring embellishments are practically the x-factor when it comes to rings for men and without them they’re just boring metal bands.

Adding a little something goes a long way in redefining the look of a ring.

Stones are dealt with great  caution by most men.  Mens ring designs that feature stones are still pretty conservative.

The stones often used are diamonds or dark colored precious stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald to depict a masculine appeal.

Semi-precious stones like onyx, labradorite and turquoise also make great features especially in silver men’s rings.

Pewter rings often have elaborate mini-sculptures of dark medieval figures like daggers, skulls, coffins and faces of barbarians.

These gothic embellishments are not for everybody, usually those who buy them are into costume play or dark Japanese manga.  Anyway, pewter rings are great accessories for Halloween.

Engravings are common embellishments of most wedding rings for men.  They can be inscriptions of important dates, coded messages and names or carvings on the band of intricate patterns or symbols.

While there are some artisans who engrave using the traditional method of doing it by hand, most of the engraved rings we see are done by industrial laser engravers.

The finish on any mens ring can create a delightful distinction in a rather understated way.  It’s the treatment done on the surface which is usually the final touch given to the ring.

There are so many finishes to choose from aside from the polished to shine that most of us are familiar with.  Some men who are not fond of sparkly bands can choose a matte or satin finish.  Both finishes don’t have a lot of shine and they provide a softened look to the band that’s very modish and often work well for those guys who like to wear mens earings.

Sometimes, these finishes are applied to contrast the usual high polish of most rings, and other popular finishes are the Florentine, stone, hammered, abrazo and the very lovely Mokume Gane.

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