Discovering the Irish Linen Fabric

The Irish linen fabric has been utilized for hundreds of years now, mainly because it is recognized for being a cloth of superior quality.  Although cotton and more recently, synthetic fabrics have risen in terms of popularity, Irish linen has still remained a widely preferred choice among those who want nothing but the best.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons on why you should opt for Irish linen; rather than man-made or synthetic fabrics.

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Unlike other types of fabrics, Irish linen is very light as well as cooling.  Due to the simple fact that the yarn is spun from flax fiber, every individual fiber is strong. Weaving a loose textile is somewhat impossible.

This not just allows for a much lighter and cooler feel, but the flow of ample air into the cloth as well. This is what makes the fabric an ideal summer garment, when people are normally hot and flustered. This feature lends itself rather well also to curtains and drapes during the summertime.

While this may sound somewhat contradictory, Irish linen can be warming too, since flax plant fibers make for an excellent insulator.  Irish linen made with a much tighter weave, or wearing double layers of Irish linen clothing will help keep you comfy and warm; thus also making it ideal for the winter season.

When utilized as curtains, it will help keep any room cool during summer by protecting the former against the sun, yet allows ample ventilation at the same time.  During wintertime, it can keep a room warm via insulating the windows against the coldness outdoors.

Authentic Irish linen is several times stronger than cotton.  As a matter of fact, fibers from flax are tougher than other plant fibers; thus when woven can produce a cloth which is very durable and long lasting.

Even though the fabric is much more expensive as opposed to cotton or synthetic fiber, by properly caring for it, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

In case you are looking for a fabric with a soft feel, then Irish linen is certainly your top option.  It is initially very soft, but it has the capacity to become softer with each and every wash.  Such softness is kept while the linen ages, because it is resistant to pilling; therefore, does not get the scratchiness in which cotton typically does after some time.

Irish linen is one underrated fabric, but is quickly regaining popularity because of its elegance, longevity and capability to be cool during summer and warm during winter.

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