Baby Bedding and Cot Bed Duvet Covers

A cot bed duvet cover usually cost at least $40; a cot bed duvet set costs at least $50, although they usually cost more. While either a cot bed duvet cover or cot bed duvet can be purchased at a regular department store, it is often a lot cheaper to purchase these items online. Online retailers generally have a very large selection of these items.

Some duvets are for the winter while others are thin and suitable for the warm summer months. Be sure the duvet cover not only fits the bed but is also suitable for the weather.

You should also try to purchase duvet covers that are machine washable, as a baby tends to spit up or spill milk on his or her bed frequently.

If you need a warm winter duvet cover, then one good option is the Fairy Down Baby Wool Cot Duvet. This particular duvet is made from wool inside a cotton casing, so it should not negatively affect a baby that is allergic to wool.  You can purchase it for around $47 at

If you need a duvet set, then a simple and cute option is the ABC Safari Cot Bed Duvet and Pillowcase set, currently for sale at online retailer Little Kids Bedrooms for around $43.   This particular duvet is made from cotton and polyester and is machine washable.

Another good option is the Buzzy Bee Cot Duvet & Pillow Set selling at This particular site gets very high ratings for good customer service and gives a one year guarantee of its products; the cot duvet and pillow set costs a reasonable $40.

You can also purchase these items second hand if you have a limited budget. If you opt to purchase a second hand cot duvet set, it is usually better to do so in person instead of over the internet.

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