Men – Bored of your morning routine?

Now that you’re an adult, have you allowed yourself to become disillusioned with the whole, bothersome, repetitive process of that morning shave?

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Maybe it’s time to spice things up a bit with a facial hair style change up.

What if you did something as simple as just changing how you shave? In the old days, it is said, there was nothing like slathering on that hot lather and having the barber give you a great, close shave with his straight edge and leather strop for sharpening. And then that cold, harsh but refreshing slap in the face with his favorite aftershave. Woke you right up!

Good luck with the barber part but…

It may not be as easy to find or hire a personal barber to give you that close, refreshing shave but that’s not to say that you can’t resort to old school methods yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom. Hey, if you get good enough at it you may even consider starting your very own business.

Sure it may take a few nicks and cuts in the beginning. Then again, maybe you’re a natural. You know what they say—you never know till you try. If nothing else it will certainly take the same old, same old out of your morning routine.

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Shaving is actually good for your skin

It may help to know that because you shave that manly mug of yours every morning you don’t have to concern yourself with exfoliating. Women pay good money for exfoliates in the form of creams and scrubbies. It takes off those musty old dead skin cells and makes the perfect breeding ground for fresh, new, young and healthy skin cells.

Now you may not think that nice skin is important for a man and if that is so, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s bad enough that your significant other is subjected to that rough and tough 5 o’clock shadow during close contact. Do you really need to make it worse with rough, flakey skin?

Come on, be a man! Be a little adventurous!

Don’t be afraid to shake up that poor old morning routine of yours. Even a new razor could make a difference. There are shops and websites where the discerning individual can explore all sorts of possibilities where shaving in style is concerned. Take a moment to check it out if shaving has become way too boring and bothersome. You might even be surprised at what’s available.

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