Don’t Be Ignorant Of Blood Sugar Levels

blood sugar levels

Be smart. Eat right and test regularly

Eat your way to good health is a mantra that most of us need to keep at the forefront of our psyches as what we are really doing is eating ourselves to bad health and feeling good all the while. Ignorance does gain confidence as it goes along and it’s time to get educated and leave those ignorant mindsets behind.

The normal diet of people today is weighted way too far to the side of sweets and sugar filled foods and far too little to the side of fiber, vegetables and lean protein. Both of those diets can change the way a person feels and looks. The first diet makes a person feel good right after eating it and then bad when their belt won’t fasten and their blood sugar levels rocket out of sight. The second diet can make you feel bad and like you are losing weight quickly as there are no more sweets and desserts where it’s concerned, but make you feel good by decreasing that belt size and following it up with more energy and zest for life.

It’s kind of like pay me now or pay me later, except in the case of the first diet it is pay for it now and pay for it later. The second diet is…there is no pay for it now and only enjoy it later. Ignorance is hard to undo and many people would rather cling to the known and false, rather than step out into the unknown and put some of that ignorance to the test.

Learning and growing in knowledge can be a liberating thing and finding out that all of those ways of eating are doing you more harm than good can be an eye opener that some people don’t want to accept. Any standard blood sugar levels chart would show the problem of elevated blood sugar and where it will lead and where the levels need to be to fall into normal categories. If this is you or family members get educated and leave that ignorance behind along with poor eating habits.

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