Products to Bring Relief to Those who Suffer from Allergies

There are a number of people that have trouble breathing in certain environments. These people suffer from allergic reactions to small particles that most of us never even notice.

A dust mite allergy can have some persistent symptoms that are often similar to those of the common cold. A runny nose and watery eyes are the two most prevalent signs of an allergy. The difference between a reaction and a cold is that the reaction symptoms will not clear up in a few days unless treated properly. You can see a specialist to get tested for what you may be reacting to.

Dust mites exist everywhere because they live off of the dead skin cells of humans and pets. They are very small and can not be detected by the naked eye. The best solution to keeping them at a minimum is to keep a clean house.

There are several dust filtering products available that also reduce the amount of mites and airborne particles in a home. You can purchase the HEPA filter vacuum cleaners to use on your carpets and rugs. The filters are designed to trap even the smallest of particles so they do not get blown back into the air.

There are also air purifiers available that use the same type of filtration process. These are machines that can be used in a continuous manner to keep the air cleaner. They also remove smoke and pollen from the air so people with seasonal allergies can breath better as well.

For mold and pollen sufferers it is best to keep the windows shut during periods when the outside counts are high. You can usually find the count for the day listed on the weather section of your local news channel’s website.

Another common allergy is to pet dander. This is caused by the type of fur an animal has and can be worsened by their saliva on the fur. The poodle is a dog that grows hair instead of fur, which is why there is a huge demand for cross breeds with this animal.

The new Labra-doodles and Cocker-doodles do not create the same type of allergic reaction in people sensitive to animal dander because they no longer have fur. If you have always wanted a pet, but were sensitive to their fur you could look into getting one of the new cross bred animals instead. With the right choices an allergy sufferer can lead a very normal life.

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