My Computer Keeps Freezing After Installing Hardware

This article looks at some of the approaches I try whenever my computer keeps freezing after installing some new hardware. The immediate reaction is to try installing the peripheral/component but this may not always be necessary.

The starting point whenever a laptop keeps freezing following your hardware addition is to check the Device Manager. This will highlight if there are any conflicts between different components or pieces of hardware.  It will show a visible icon where faults are occurring. The troubleshooting Wizard for this utility provides some suggestions about how to fix the problem (tailored to what the actual issue is).

In addition to checking this I also look at the Event Viewer log when my computer keeps freezing. This is launched using the start menu, run program by entering eventvwr.

The file lists off messages (with timestamps) so you can identify any errors or exceptions thrown around the same time as the laptop keeps freezing.

These codes can then be researched on the web to see what specifically they relate to. You often find user forums or customer support tickets on the computer makers own website which will show that other users have experienced the same problem. What you’re looking for is any solutions they suggest. Just be careful when using solutions from user forums as they may not be fully tested.

If each of the above checks has all tested okay then you should also make sure that you have the latest device drivers for the hardware. The ones that come on CDs with your new hardware may well be months or even years old.

It is generally good practice to get the latest versions from the makers own website first and use them to install the application. Make sure you follow the install instructions correctly especially in relation to USB-based devices (which often should not be connected to the computer when installing the software).

See the following post if your computer is slowing down rather than outright freezing.

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