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The Amazon Kindle has retained its popularity and is the number one selling item on Amazon in its category.

Ebook readers have gained in popularity over the last few years. Ebook readers used to be more expensive, however, with the price cuts, the prices of these devices have gone down.

The time to buy is now, and many people are buying them.  The latest trend for ebook readers is for them to be in color. Previously, the black and white version that use eInk technology was the only available option.

It’s important to note however, that the most popular ebook readers are still the ones that use the eInk technology (gives the screen the black and white look).

The most popular ones are: Amazon Kindle, Border’s Kobo eReader, Sony Reader, and Barnes and Noble Nook.

eInk technology is the major push behind the popular development of eReaders. An advantage of using eInk technology that it doesn’t cause eye strain. Eye strain is caused from reading back lit screens like computer monitors and laptop screens.

Many people have office jobs where they use a computer for most of their waking hours.  It’s interesting that  some people do not realize they have eye strain until later.  And worse, some people get headaches from bad eye strain.

With eInk screens, you can read your eReader (such as the Border’s Kobo eReader) and not develop this problem.

nook covers

The Barnes and Noble "Nook" is a very popular E reader as well, and you can get many different nook covers too.

There is a huge variety in eInk screens, and color ebook readers are becoming popular.

Many people think color eReaders are more multifunctional because of web browsing capabilities.

That’s right… Web Browsing Capabilities.

Also, you can also turn your tablet pc or apple iPad into a color eReader with the aid of a few applications (apps).

All three apps are free and can be downloaded from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Border’s.

If you get an ebook reader, there are many options for you to protect it with protective cases (eg, Nook covers or Nook color covers).

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