Feather Hair Extensions and Fall Hair Style Ideas

feather hair extensions

There are those that think Feather Hair Extensions will be a short lasting style trend.

As fall rapidly approaches, it is time to check out the latest hairstyle ideas for fall fashion.

Feather hair extensions are one of the hot new trends that has hung around all summer, and promises to linger on through the early winter months.

These stylish pieces go well with almost any outfit, and are attracting a wide array of celebrities including the likes of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame.

Thankfully, synthetic feather hair extensions seem to be the new trend, sparing the poor chickens any more harm, and a wide array of styles are available in everything from peacock to eye catching pink.

Handmade feather hair extensions can be created on your own by attaching a small roach clip or wax bead to the end of a synthetic feather and affixing it to your hair near its roots. Nothing says “fall festival season” as well as your own handmade feather hair extensions.

I enjoy changing my hair color for the fall season as well. The weather is still too hot to take my hair as dark as I like to for the winter, but I can begin shading it slightly darker to better match the autumn colors.  Eyelash dye is always an option if I want to make a small and subtle change.

A great hair dye for doing this is the henna dye. Henna hair dyes are mostly natural and vary in ranges from bright red to brunette (brunette dyes actually have less henna in them).  The biggest advantage of Henna hair dyes is that they do not damage the hair, but actually seal and condition the strands of hair with a long-term benefit that lasts up to a full month.

Other fall hair color ideas include trying a darker color that is still light enough to add lowlights a few months later to create a winter look, or trying the ombre hair style that was so popular last year, with an emphasis on the darker portion and only leaving a small section of light on the tips.

Whatever hair style you choose for your fall fashion, don’t forget to be creative and have fun!

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