Wedding Flower Color Ideas – Wedding Themes and the Meaning of Colors

purple wedding flowers and church wedding decorations

Flowers whether purple or any kind, they just have to be there at a wedding.

Each and every female wishes her wedding to be elegant and enjoyable, and decorations play a major role in that.

Generally talking about wedding decorations, the most common things which come to mind are candles, lights, effects as well as flowers.   But according to me, flowers whether purple or any kind of flowers have to be there at a wedding.

Flowers are those particular items which enhance the beauty of any place. While you head into a reception area or a church and you don’t see any flowers there, the place certainly seems to be boring and lifeless.  On the other hand, the presence of flowers at any place will definitely make it attractive and beautiful.

Selecting the type of flowers and their particular colors depend on your taste but it is great if you keep in view the theme of the wedding.  The color of the flowers should match the theme color of your wedding theme.

Colors are symbols for your feelings and sentiments.  For instance, the red color is meant for romance, passion as well as congratulations. This is the main reason why it is the color of the Valentine’s Day and also it is usually chosen by the majority of couples.  Red roses will definitely give a romantic touch to your wedding.

White color represents purity and innocence and is generally considered to be a bride’s color. The overall theme of your wedding would become simple and classic if you go for white flowers for your wedding.

Pink is another great color as far as the wedding flowers are concerned. Pink color stands for sweetness, beauty and honor. This means that it is a very good idea to present plastic pick roses to the guests who come to attend your wedding.  What you may do is decorate it using your photo or tag it with your name.  Pink and purple wedding flowers are sometimes used together.

Yellow colored flowers may also be observed, but not frequently due to the reason that they represent friendship. However, as yellow color also means joy and enjoyment, it may be used to represent the cheer of the event.

An orange colored flower means desire and pride. In most of the weddings, orange colored flowers are used along with some other colored flowers to give rise to a great theme and to stay away from the single color scheme.

Blue and black are the colors which are not commonly used in weddings. A few couples opt for blue colored flowers considering that the color is cool and different but the blue color stands for words impossible or unattainable. So this color is not very much suited for sue in weddings.

The black color is meant for death or ending, but it may also mean new beginnings and thus it is still suited for use at weddings.  You may use observe the black color in goth themed weddings.  If you intend to use black color, you should combine it with red in order to produce a contrasting effect.  This is sometimes used in fall wedding centerpieces and decorations.

These are only a few colors that you may use for your wedding.  There are numerous other options to choose from and you may use them solitary or in combination.  Colored flowers will definitely enhance the decoration of your wedding. Church wedding decoration ideas can be somewhat unique so check those out if you are having a church wedding as you plan your wedding flowers.

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