Walk in Shower for Aged People

walk in shower

You often do not know what you have until it's gone...

Most people look forward to taking a shower because it is more than just cleaning your body; it is relaxing and it rejuvenates your body after having a long day at work, but for the elderly it is different. Taking a shower can be considered as one of the most horrifying parts of their day because they find it dangerous to do so.

The traditional bathroom does not have any hand rails to hold onto, the tiles on the floor are slippery when wet, and the shower fixture is on top of the bathtub; it will require the elderly to move their feet higher to get in the tub so they can take shower.

The usual bathroom does not offer any safety attributes that the elderly can take advantage of either, such as shower seats for elderly people, which makes taking a shower more risky and unsafe.

It is a known fact that most falls in the house happen inside the bathroom, so if there is an elderly family member, you can take better care of them if you will include safety features inside the bathroom so that they can enjoy taking a shower privately again.

It is good to know that there are modern walk in showers that are particularly designed to accommodate the needs of the elderly. It has flooring that is of the same level as the floor of the house so they don’t have to exert effort in rising their feet just to take a shower. Make sure that the tiles used for the flooring are not slippery once they get wet to reduce the possibility of sliding or falling on the floor.

Having safety hand bars installed properly in the wet rooms or bathrooms can help the elderly a lot. They will be able to use the bathroom and they can move there freely alone without being assisted by other family members because there are available bars that they can hold on to so they can move around.

Installing a sturdy bath stool inside the elderly walk in shower will result tranquil and relaxing shower experience for an elderly person for the reason that they don’t have to keep on standing up while taking a shower. They can just sit back and relax as the water splashes on their body. For sure, the elders will enjoy a sense of peace while they are taking a warm shower.

It is also a good idea to have a hand-held shower near the stool so instead of using the fixed overhead shower; they can choose to use a shower that they can manage.  If the bath has tiled shower walls the grab bars are oh so important to help prevent slips and falls.

You may think that installing a walk in shower with safety aspects is expensive, but if you will try to look at the wider perspective, it is worth the investment for you and your family.


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