How to Clean A Senseo Coffee Maker | Senseo Coffee Pod Prices

how to clean a senseo coffee maker

Cleaning and Maintaining a Senseo Coffee Maker is quite easy.

Brewing with a Senseo Coffee Maker is easy. You can brew a single serving of coffee with the use of sealed Senseo coffee pods in just one minute.

Since the coffee pods already contain the right amount of ground coffee needed for brewing, you have nothing to clean up after every brew and you can simply delight yourself in the great taste of coffee.

But to be able to make the most out of your Senseo brewers, it requires maintenance to help it last even longer. One way to take good care of your Senseo brewer is to regularly clean and descale it.

Some of the removable parts of the Senseo coffee maker are dishwasher safe. What this means is that you can easily wash parts including the pod holder, drip tray, cup tray, and water reservoir on a normal cycle in your dishwasher together with the other dishes.

You may choose to hand wash the parts with hot water and mild soap.  After rinsing the parts thoroughly leave it to air dry.

When you heat water, minerals are deposited or left behind inside the water reservoir of your brewer known as scales.

The owner’s manual of the brewer indicates the types of descaling agents that you may use that is safe for your brewer. Cleaning the reservoir on a regular basis may prevent too much scaling or even having scales.

A solution of 50 grams citric acid to 1 L of water may be used to descale your Senseo brewers.

senseo coffee pod prices

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Fill the water reservoir with the solution and place it back inside the brewing machine. Place a bowl or any other container that is large enough to hold the entire water capacity of the Senseo brewer. Turn the machine on and as the water is being pumped through the machine, the scales are being removed.

This process may required to be done more than once and after which, the process is repeated with plain water to flush out the descaling agent out of the machine.

By knowing how to effectively clean your Senseo brewer, you may enjoy brewing with it for a long time. Now that winter time is coming, the Senseo brewer with its well brewed cup of coffee will keep you warm.

Where can I get the best prices on Senseo Coffee Pods?

While the cost of the Senseo coffee pods are usually a little bit more than other single serve coffee makers like Keurig you can sometimes find online deals at places like Amazon.

One of the benefits of shopping online for your pods is that you can find every flavor available.  If you are lucky enough to have a retails store near you, they often won’t have your favorite flavor and you end up settling for something else that is just “good enough”.

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