Games That Use a Wii Gun

wii zapper gun

Wii guns come in all kinds of styles and sizes.

A wii gun is one of many wii accessories.  This style of play gun is made to look as though it is real so that users can get a more realistic experience when playing shooting games.  This gun is also known as the wii zapper.  There are a few games that are compatible with this accessory.

The first game is Call of Duty 3.  This is a war game that is made to feel like the real thing because of the wii gun. Players can battle in locations all over the world and the game can either be a single player one or multi-player.

Another game that is compatible with this gun is Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. This is a new edition of the older game.  It is in a first person format.  The player has to shoot zombies.  They have the option to upgrade to better weapons within the game itself.

Ghost Squad is a game that have been reinvented.  It was originally a Sega game and it is one of the first games to incorporate the use of the zapper gun. The way that this game works is that players team up against terrorists in groups of four.

There are many other games that are compatible with this gun.  The wii gun accessory is a very realistic looking weapon and this makes it a lot of fun for gamers.  Hunting outfits have been involved in the creation of the gun in order for it to appear like a real gun.  Using the zapper gun playing games such as Call of Duty makes the game a more interactive experience and adds something different to the table. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the wide range of wii games available.  These games, accessories and consoles can be purchased online or at retail stores.


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