Garden Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Garden weddings seem to be one of the greatest options that a couple may consider if they are planning to have their wedding during spring or summer time.

Decorating a garden for your wedding reception may range from very simple up to very decorative depending on the choice of the couples themselves and their budget as well. But no matter how simple or how extravagant you want as far as your wedding decoration is concerned, the most important thing is that you are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the choice you have made.

There are actually three important areas in your garden that you must pay close attention to in terms of decorating. First, is the entrance of your reception. This is very important since this will be the same entrance where you will receive your guests and the same entrance that the bride will walk down to.

Try to make the entrance simple yet elegant. A red carpet full of flower petals may be a great idea that you can consider. Always remember that the decoration for the entrance area of your reception must set the tone for the rest of the event.

Next, to the entrance is the wedding altar. Actually, the wedding altar should be the focal point of any wedding besides the couple themselves. One great option that you can actually consider is to build an overhead structure with urns of flowers, potted trees or simply decorate it with a lot of flowers and greeneries. As much as possible try to choose those decorations that complements the wedding theme.

And lastly, another area that you must pay attention to is the seating area for your guests. You may actually separate the seating area for the ceremony and the reception area for the guests after the ceremony.

If you are on a deck or patio, then deck lighting can be important – you don’t want people tripping over each other when it gets dark.  Rope lights and patio umbrella lights look very nice, but there are many options to choose from.

For decorations in this area, you may put some bows and flowers to make your chairs elegant and consider placing some pots of flowers that are in season as well.  And for an extra touch of class you may have some ushers to escort your guests from the entrance up to their seating area. Decorate all these areas with class and elegance and you will surely have a spectacular wedding reception.

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