Decorate With Light and Snow

musical snow globes

When you live in the South, sometimes you have to take your snow with you.

How do you decorate with snow? Won’t it melt and mess up everything around it? Yes, if not contained, so contain it in a snow globe. For the light half of the equation, let’s go with candles in glass candle holders. With the glass of the globe and the candle holders, the candle light should be zinging around and gleaming in all directions.

I live in the south, and we seldom get snow. For the most part, I like it that way. But when I miss the winter, I get out some of my musical snow globes, play the music, shake them gently and watch it snow. That usually takes care of my winter cravings for a few days.

My desire for light also gets stronger as the days get shorter. It becomes necessary to turn on more lamps and light a couple of candles where I can watch them flicker. They may be a couple of glass votive candle holders with scented candles (the same flavor), or I may get out the big glass pillar candle holders. Actually, more often than not, I replace the pillar candles with glass votive candle holders, so I only burn votive candles, which are easy to replace. The pillar candle holders raise the light and flame about six inches.

We get closer and closer to the shortest day of the year, and Christmas. I swap out the non-Christmas snow globes for the musical Christmas snow globes and listen to the old familiar tunes again. Shake for a little snow, and when it has settled, watch the candle flicker in its candle glass holder. Time to remember all the years past when the snow was outdoors and real, and the occasional day when the candle lights was the only light we had. Its a shame there is no snow globe music for that occasion, the power outage.

All it takes to remember winter up north is a musical snow globe that plays”Let It Snow” and a glass candle holder with a lit candle. Beats flying up and experiencing it once again for real.

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