How to Have a Healthy Body Image

With all of the images of super skinny models, actresses, and celebrities, it can be difficult to retain any sort of healthy body image.

A lot of women look at their bodies and look at the flaws as opposed to the positive aspects. Furthermore, these images of ideal celebrities make many women compare their own bodies with those in the magazines. What most women are not aware of is that these photos have been heavily doctored and touched up. Even the celebrities themselves cannot uphold the image that the media puts out.

So, instead of comparing oneself to a celebrity, it is best to match a fitness regime to that which best suits one’s body type and genetic make-up. Here are some tips on how to do so:

– Stop looking at fashion magazines. Fashion magazines seem to promote beauty when all they actually do is promote insecurity. Do not look to these magazines for healthy body images. Many times the models are very young and have not grown any curves. Furthermore, if any of them are older, oftentimes they are suffering from starvation diets. Do not align these images with any sense of self-worth.

– Adopt a diet that works for you. Fad diets do not work. There is no way that any one fat loss diet can apply to all women. Women come from varying backgrounds and different lifestyles. A grapefruit diet might work for a woman of leisure, but it will certainly not work for an athletic woman. Instead, consider your daily activities when deciding on a diet.

– Get an exercise regime that fits your lifestyle. This can include working out on the best exercise equipment, or it could be as little as walking to work. No matter what is adopted, make sure it works for you. And every little bit counts. If you can only fit in 15 minutes of walking a day, then do it. It is better than not doing anything at all. And this will give you the freedom to not beat yourself up over not exercising enough.

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