Melting Away Your Body Fats the Right Way

People have an innate tendency to store fats within the body that sometimes serve as a survival mechanism during times of hunger. But today, people keep on consuming foods high in sugar and fats without doing any regular exercise routines leading to a condition called obesity.

To expend energy, and at the same time burn the stored fats and carbohydrates, one should do regular physical workouts to lose weight.  This may be done through walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics and the like and must be done on prolonged durations.

Actually, there are two major factors that determine the amount of calories you burn to achieve quick weight loss. One is duration, and the other factor is intensity.

Duration. A three-kilometer walk obviously takes longer than running the entire three-kilometers. Furthermore, the amount of energy burned in walking and running are the same but the amount of time you spend on walking is longer than running.

Intensity. A 30-minute jog uses more energy than doing a 30-minute walk.  Intensity clearly affects the amount of fat and carbohydrates you burn.  Typically, a low-intensity exercise like walking makes use of a little amount of fat and carbohydrates.  The higher the intensity of the exercise, the greater amount of fats and carbohydrates are burned.

To put simply, dynamic physical workouts utilizes more muscle glycogen or carbohydrates and at the same time lessens the amount of fats stored within the body.

When the body’s glycogen supply is diminished, certain amount of the carbohydrates you take in will replenish the loss glycogen hence, you will most certainly store excess carbohydrates as fat.  There seems to be some evidence that weight loss and genetics are a key factor too.

Ideally, you must seek a balance between dynamic exercises with the right duration, like half an hour to one hour every day. Therefore, you are advised to walk for an hour rather than to run for just 5 minutes. But this doesn’t mean simple walking, it should be brisk walking.

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